Membership Appreciation Day II Fall Session

Date: December 1, 2017Time: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Location:  Show map Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center
219 S. Harrison Rd
East Lansing, MI 48824
Contact: Christine M. Saad DDSPhone: 248-693-5844Email:

Dr. Damon Adams presenting:

Trends, Innovations, Controversies and Clinical Tips!


Confused by all the choices? Don’t be!

Knowledge of the latest indirect dental materials is vital to maximizing the aesthetic and functional success of your team-created restorations. Dental materials are sometimes being brought to market and being widely used in patients without adequate science based evidence. Dr. Adams will help you increase your understanding of the most advanced dental materials with the goal of making better-informed choices, present some of the latest trends and related innovations, and share some useful clinical tips.

Learning Objectives (Number of objectives covered are dependent upon actual lecture time allotted.)

  􀀹 Basic classifications/indications of the latest lab-fabricated esthetic dental materials

  􀀹 Advantages and disadvantages of each class of modern all-ceramic materials

  􀀹 A review of some of the latest trends, developments, and innovations in dentistry

  􀀹 Ways to minimize all-ceramic failures/fractures to reduce stress and increase profits

  􀀹 100% zirconium restorations: Evidence-based data versus future challenges?

  􀀹 Latest preparation and core build-up requirements with lithium disilicate and monolithic zirconia

  􀀹 New translucent anterior zirconia options: indications, special cautions, and future challenges

  􀀹 Update on surface treatment protocols and cements for lab-fabricated restorative materials

  􀀹 An update on surface treatments for all-ceramics. Making it much simpler!

  􀀹 Diagnosis and treatment planning considerations for lab-fabricated restorative materials

  􀀹 Are all-ceramics always the best choice? What are some of the current alternatives?

  􀀹 An evidence-based prophylaxis protocol for maintaining composite, all-ceramic, and ceramic-based   


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